A Framework for Development of e-learning System for computer programming: Application in the C programming Language

Ivan Mustakerov, Daniela Ivanova Borissova


This paper describes a framework for development of e-learning system for computer programming. The proposed framework includes not only the necessary course materials and the corresponding tests and exercises, but also offers an integrated environment to test written programming codes. The described approach corresponds to recent trend in distance education by providing massive open online course for unlimited participation and accessible through the Internet. The modern capabilities of ICT and database are integrated to support the learning process in a user friendly environment. The functionality of the e-learning framework is composed of five basic modules for learning content, testing, exercises, questions and answers, and help module. The described framework is implemented in developed e-learning system for C programming language. The e-learning system was tested in real educational environment and was very well accepted both of students and teachers. The preliminary results show applicability of the system leading to improvement in the acquired knowledge and C programming skills. This was confirmed by decreasing the number of students failed on the C programming exam.


Computer programming; C programming language; course development; distance education; e-learning; e-assessment; software architecture

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20368/1971-8829/1299

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